Fragrances are super special and personal – but I don’t limit myself with one or two and only stick with them for years and years. Instead, I like to be experimental with perfumes, always try the new ones with the intention of finding the better one out there. With some scents it is an instant bond, with others it is only a one spray relationship and its over.  With years of trial and error – I now know what goes with my natural body scent.  There are a lot of beautiful scents that great on the bottle but doesn’t work on me. Here are some of my recent favorites that are perfect for warmer weather months ahead.


Ok ok I will admit – I have a soft spot for anything Rose scented – but this perfume by ACQUA DI PARMA is not your typical Rose scent. It is spicy – sophisticated – clean and fun. It is light enough for everyday use hence had become my day scent recently and it is my go to when I don’t want to be taken too seriously and show my fun and playful side. Trust me, life can be a lot of fun – little bit of Rose Nobile is enough.



If you can have a love at first sight relationship with a pefume brand BYREDO is exactly that form me. Shortly after they first launched few years ago – Blanched (one of their best sellers) was my initial choice. As the brands range of scents have grown – my BYREDO selection has grown too. Back then the brand offering was selected with few scents and slowly they have built to a whole range.  Out of all, Gypsy Water have been my favourite since last year. I have my eyes on the Rose of No Man’s Land from their recent launches. In my luxurious dreams, if I can bathe in this scent every day I would. It is super unique – elegant – luxe –  and feminine enough with a masculine twist. My go to scent when I want to feel sexy – powerful and in control.



One of the recent additions to my fragrance collection – but fast become one of my favourites. The light – super fresh and long lasting effect will still linger on your shirt from the day before. As a Mediterranean girl it brings back the memories of my childhood – so I might be biased for loving this scent.  It is my go to scent when I want to start the day in a lifted up mood – and this scent will take you to next level of happiness. Trust me you won’t be disappointed with any of the AERIN perfumes.


Hope you enjoyed my choice of fragrances for the warmer weather months, let me know your favourites ?

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