Ohh Venice, you are my love at first sight! Never felt an instant connection with a place as soon as I had set foot on. Usually, it takes a little warming up to the area, culture, finding out what is unique and special about the city. Also and effort that as a visitor we choose to make but in Venice, its all laid in front of your eyes, there is no hiding it’s bare and breathtaking. And it only gets better – as you walk through the narrow streets, pass through the endless bridges, and take a moment to observe the locals who are super lucky to live and breath the magic on daily bases.






Every corner is so special, the energy is amazing, vibrant colours of the buildings are just extremely picturesque and unbelievably real.  The sunny spells on a September day made the historical, colourful unique buildings even more vibrant. The best part is you are spoiled with ginormous pizza offerings in every cafe/restaurant with endless toppic options – its all magical.




In between Fashion Week and Conferences during our one weeks stay in Milan we had a day that was completely free and not packed with events etc. It was a perfect moment of spending the day in Venice. We took two hours and a bit – train ride directly from Milan to Venice.

I am glad that we did manage to experience the magic even for a day, it was fantastic and I have a feeling that this would be the only time I see this city.




Although, it feels like I am the last person on the planet to visit the city – if you haven’t had a chance to see Venice make sure its on top of your bucket list.

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