First time in Milan, and had a pleasure to experience it in the best way possible – Milan Fashion Week. Amazing and full on week with events, great food and as always the weather has made it even more enjoyable to top it all. I was invited to fashion shows and events during the last three days of Milan Fashion Week.

Lets see what they are,  Boutique Ultrachic, Chika Kisada & A.F.Vandevartst.  All, very different from each other in terms of style, story telling and the feel. However, all amazing and very inspiering.




The Japanese brand found in 2017 is inspired by the elegance of Ballet and the Energy of City/Punk Lifestyle. It has a very minimalist yet elegant approach to its designs. The show was extremely emotional, but full with comfortable and wearable pieces.

The colour focus is on muted nudes with minimal touch of blue and pink tones. Chika Kisada is not a brand for trendy pieces but it is a brand that represents – artistic, minimalist elegance and pieces that has a story to tell.

Thank you Chika Kisada. for having me at your amazing show. If this brand inspires you looking for more information visit Chika Kisada.



The Italian brand Ultrachic was found in 2006 and opened its first flagship store in 2015, located in Milan. The brand focus is on energy of an urban, contemprorary look and OMG you could feel the energy and its spirit during the Show – very up beat fun, young with a lot of bright colors to reflect this. Loved loved loved the pieces and every second of the show.




The brand is also very well known and recognizable for the unique use of the prints in their designs. Their current season peaces are available on and if you are interested in the brand you could find more information on  Boutique Ultrachic.



Designers An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx met in 1987 on their first day of school at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. An Vandevorst was Dries Van Noten’s first assistant for six and a half years. Ten years later, they set up their company Blixa and presented their first collection as A.F.VANDEVORST in Paris. The collection already included all of the references and inspirations that came to play a defining role in the brand over the past 20 years: Joseph Beuys, the red cross, religion, horses and horse-riding accoutrements, rivets, lingerie, uniforms and fetish shoes.

The show was great and unique in the design and feel of each peace. I loved the way designers incorporated innocence and drama in each peace. The references of red cross, religion, horses were very much apparent in the peaces.Very unique and different the way designers keep the brand very personal.

Some of the A.F.VANDEVORST current seasonal peaces are also available on



Seeing and feeling energy in each show is always extremely special, can’t thank enough the brands for inviting me and grateful for every single experience. More importantly,  a very bright/neon trend led Spring Sumer 19 is ahead of us.

Thank you for having me Milan Fashion Week.

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