Just because you are by the beach doesn’t mean you need to compromise your style. This is where some of those killer beach essentials come in! Your outfits – in this case bikinis – can be super-basic, but the little details will totally transform your beach look.

Straw Bags

You know it’s summer when it’s time to take your straw tote bag out and make it part of your look. Straw bags are great in the city, on vacation, by the beach, at the pool, when travelling, having picnics and more. What makes them great is they are light in weight, takes all your essentials and extras, also look super-chic.


A great pear of sunnies is essential, not only summer also wintertime. You will be spoilt by the amount of colour and design options. Make sure you get the one that suits your personality. This amazing white cat eye sunglass choice is by Mango.

Straw Hats

Not only do they make your whole outfit look good in summer, they also protect your skin from direct sun light. Which does not mean you can skip your SPF/UVA/UVB protection! Think about your hat as an extra layer against the sun before your sun cream. The featured hat is a non-branded one bought from a small local shop.

SPF Protection

Choosing the right sun cream can be confusing at times. (I think of the countless times I’ve stared at shelves filled with tons of sun protection products!) But only few can actually tick the box in terms of texture, smell, ingredients, and both UVA & UVB protection. I have been quite loyal to LaMer Spa 50 UV protecting fluid for a couple of years, and it’s paying off. Also, enjoy using it daily under make-up in the city all year around. Its lightweight texture sinks in to the skin super-quick. Voilà, you are good to go.

A Great Book

Whatever your choice of book is, a great book can totally make your vacation. You know the book is great when it grabs your attention right from the first page to the end, and you can’t wait to go back to it when you put it down. I love reading while I am by the beach; my most recent read was “You Do You” by Sarah Knight.

Hope you enjoy the beach essentials recommendations! Most importantly, have the most relaxing palm-trees-view vacation and a little cocktail.

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