oh là là “DARLEY” : Mulberry

Years ago I walked into a Mulberry store in London and got quite unfriendly customer service.  I walked out of the store thinking “you lost me as a customer, Mulberry”. At that point I was already the owner of two handbags from the brand. One was the sought-after “Bayswater”.

After that experience, I have not even considered looking at the brand again, and didn’t even bother checking them online. One day I was flicking through pages of a fashion magazine and their “Darley” popped up. I stopped for short glance at the advertorial. Clearly, I was intrigued, but didn’t give it too much thought and carried on with my life.

Sometime later, I came across “Darley” again when I was shopping at an online retail store. At that time I just looked at the colour options, features, size… but that was it. Soon after, “Darley” made its appearance on one of my favourite blogger’s advertorial piece.

And finally, earlier this year, closer to my birthday, I was looking for a different handbag for a birthday present from myself to myself. Instead of going for what I had in mind (a different brand), I walked out with a Mulberry “Darley”. Even I was quite surprised with the choice I made.

Now that the handbag has been used and abused for few months, I realise that “Darley” has exceeded my expectations. What I particularly like about “Darley” is the simple envelope like design that’s extremely practical and easy to use (no fuss) and the quality of the leather/craftsmanship (the Mulberry brand is quite well known for the quality leather choices in its leather goods). Value for money (affordable designer piece), fun colour options, its perfect size for day-to-day use (not too small, not too big), and the secure lock closure are some of the details that I love in my “Darley”.

In 2018 Spring Summer / Fall Winter Mulberry fashion show, I was impressed with the direction the brand has taken. I appreciated the use of statement colours, eye-catching shoes and some of the recent handbag designs.

“Darley” made me reconsider the brand and give Mulberry another look. After all, everyone deserves a second chance, right?

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